FUSE partners with local governments to tackle some of society’s most important challenges.

Through our executive fellowship program, we work with cities across a range of issue areas, including health, public safety, economic and workforce development, climate change, equity, and education.

  • Los Angeles is synonymous with innovation, and our spirit of ingenuity and drive is key to meeting challenges like homelessness and the need to create more affordable housing. Our partnership with FUSE is the largest of its kind in America, and it's helping us bring extraordinary talent to a city where we're always focused on envisioning tomorrow - and building it today.
    Eric Garcetti, Mayor, City of Los Angeles

  • Our fellows have brought innovative thinking and executive-level experience to help us find strategic solutions to some of our city's pressing challenges. We are excited to continue to our partnership with FUSE Corps because of the incredible return on investment.
    Edwin M. Lee, Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

  • “Our Fellows’ extensive private sector experience and strong business acumen have inspired me and other leaders within San Francisco to look at new approaches to solving long-standing challenges. We’ve achieved more on the projects than we thought possible and we look to our FUSE Fellows as valuable colleagues.”
    Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer, Office of Mayor Edwin Lee, City and County of San Francisco, CA

  • "FUSE Corps has figured out how to create an extraordinary fellowship program to address complex public management problems. After a successful inaugural year, the City of Los Angeles is excited to expand our partnership with FUSE Corps on a range of high priority projects."
    Robin Engel, Former Assistant City Administrative Officer, City of Los Angeles