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The 2012 Fuse Corps Sprint to Success:  $200k in 20 days

Just over one year ago, a few crazy co-founders, came together to build a Start Up Social Enterprise to transform the way that our cities and states solve our toughest problems.  We train private sector professionals and entrepreneurs to be a new generation of bottom up civic innovators and leaders.

We have received a $100k pledge from our Board Chair to kick off our end of year giving – and are a competitive bunch.  Help us match that 2:1 to reach our goal of $200k by Dec 31.

Why we Fuse

We made a bet that training entrepreneurs and leaders from the private sector in civic innovation and leadership… and having them spend 12 months full time with some of the most innovative mayors and governors in the country would create big change.

Just 8 months later, fellows have made it possible for:

  • kids in one of the toughest neighborhood in DC to apply for a $30 million dollar federal grant
  • high school students in Sacramento to grow a vegetable garden in the middle of their school, help lower childhood obesity and increase healthy choices and protoype this Edible Schoolyard for the rest of the city… and perhaps the nation
  • the City of San Jose to engage and manage 20 pro bono professionals from companies around the city, in four projects — with a blueprint for many more over the next several years
  • helped build a movement for pro-kid organizations in California to advocate for kids together