Budget for a Fellow

FUSE works closely with its local government partners to secure the necessary resources to cover each Fellow’s annual compensation as well as the associated costs of executive search, training, coaching and program management. Most fellowship hosts cover these costs directly through their annual budgeting process and then contract with FUSE to facilitate the program. Other hosts are able to reallocate currently unfilled positions and/or tap into existing budgets for consulting services. Still others divide the costs between public funds and private donors who underwrite a portion of their projects.

Sponsor a Fellow

Some government hosts identify philanthropic partners who are able to help offset the cost of a Fellow. FUSE may also be able to bring a funder to a project in some cases. FUSE is happy to support such fundraising efforts including meeting with funders, developing proposals and leveraging our nonprofit status to receive tax exempt donations. FUSE also welcomes the opportunity to talk with local funders about how they can advance their programmatic mission by sponsoring Fellows to work in local government on specific issues such as education, health or poverty. Additionally, if you would like to make a direct contribution to support our work, please contact us or click the link below to make an online donation.

Scale the Fellowship

Over the next several years, FUSE plans to dramatically expand our program within California and across the country. While we are developing strategic partnerships to bring this high-impact model to more communities, a considerable amount of growth capital is still required to accelerate our expansion. If you have recommendations about funding FUSE’s expansion into a particular community, or if you are able to consider a growth-capital investment, please contact our Chief Executive Officer at the email below. Even a modest investment in FUSE can go a long way toward furthering our vision of a high-functioning and more innovative public sector.

For more information about funding a Fellow, contact us via email at:

[email protected]

We can contact you via email.