Build A Partnership

Local government is responsible for addressing a wide range of pressing challenges with limited resources. Many public officials recognize how much more could be accomplished with the right additional talent. FUSE partners with civic leaders to identify high-priority projects that can be addressed by executive-level fellowships.

Provide Breakthrough Talent

After working with our government partners to define the scope of work and deliverables to be achieved by a Fellow, FUSE conducts an executive search to fill each individual role. Our fellows are professionals with 15+ years of private sector experience who are uniquely qualified to develop innovative approaches and produce results. Throughout a Fellow’s tenure, FUSE provides ongoing leadership training developed in partnership with McKinsey & Company, Stanford Institute of Design (d. school) and Harvard Kennedy School. Portions of the training are also available to government employees from our partner agencies.

Achieve and Spotlight Innovative Solutions

FUSE is committed to documenting and disseminating the insights achieved through our work to further mission impact. Such promotional efforts are designed to highlight the inspiring leadership of our government partners and help other cities replicate similarly innovative approaches to community-based problem solving.

For more information about hosting a Fellow, contact us via email at:

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