This is your
opportunity to
spark a movement.

Who are we looking for?

Fuse Corps is looking for highly motivated professionals from the private sector with:

Commitment to public service

  • Demonstrated interest or passion for public service
  • Strong interest in the policy or program area in which they intend to focus
Entrepreneurial leadership

  • Outstanding capacity for leadership, strong record of professional achievement, with potential for further growth
  • Demonstrated ability to over come obstacles
  • Personal integrity
  • Personal qualities such as flexibility, adaptability, creativity, humility, openness to new ideas, and sensitivity to cultural differences
Relevant professional background

  • At least 10 years of professional experience, especially private sector, and skills relevant to available placements
  • Practical skills, especially in project management, oral, written and interpersonal and communications
  • Strategic leadership skills to succeed at the highest levels of state/local government and to work effectively across community stakeholder groups
  • Subject matter expertise in the specific policy issue area of the placement is a plus, but not required

What is Fuse Corps?

Fuse Corps is a prestigious, highly-selective fellowship program (only 10-20 are selected nationwide each year from hundreds of applicants). Fuse Corps Executive Fellows are selected for distinguished, “cabinet-level” positions working with leaders in state and local governments (such as governors or mayors and their senior staff) or community-based organizations. Executive Fellows spend one year working full-time on a grassroots project addressing issues of national importance in a local context (e.g., education, health care, low income housing, economic development, workforce development, and green initiatives). Fellows participate in the best, hands-on, public service / entrepreneurial leadership experience in the country.


Why become a Corps member?

After spending 10+ years in the private sector spend a year working in the trenches with our country’s most visionary leaders and help solve real community problems. Fuse Corps gives you a powerful platform to give something back to your community.  You’ll have an unprecedented chance to expand your leadership capabilities and to network with top national and state leaders. You’ll learn how government works (and doesn’t) and discover new ways to address the challenges facing our country.  The innovation you’ll help drive in your communities will demonstrate the power and potential of public and private sector collaborations.  Ultimately, as a Fuse Corps alum, you’ll become part of a prestigious ecosystem of top corporate, political and social sector leaders who share a lifelong commitment to bringing positive change to the country.

The Fuse Corps Leadership Institute

Fuse Corps Leadership Institute is a cutting edge, year-long, experiential leadership program that supports Fuse Corps Fellows with the skills and entrepreneurial mind-set to be effective change agents in the states and city they serve. Fuse Corps also believes in sharing the leadership experience beyond our Fellow and look forward to inviting our placement champions to participate in two days of our Leadership Institute alongside our Fellows. This helps to create a broader cycle of innovation and builds networks across departments and local governments.

Monthly Coaching, Peer Meetings and On-site Champion Check-in meetings

Fuse Corps builds an expectation of excellence and a sense of urgency through monthly executive coaching sessions as well as regular peer and on site champion check-ins meetings regarding the progress of the project with our Executive Fellows.

Collaborations and Networks

Fuse Corps will also bring to the table an extensive network of alumni and other contacts who have deep expertise in effective cross sector leadership. These networks include Fuse Corps Board of Directors, Alumni and Advisors Networks, as well as the Points of Light Institute, America’s Promise Alliance, The White House Office of Social Innovation, the Aspen Institute, and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance at Harvard and Innovation. Connecting with leaders in these enterprises and those familiar with them will allow our Fellows to expand concepts and approaches of each program area.



How are Fellows Compensated?

Executive Fellows receive a $90,000 stipend in their Fuse Corps placement.  Limited travel and other program-related expenses are provided by Fuse Corps. Fellows receive a 1099 form; however, Health care and other benefits are not provided.

All Fellows are responsible for their housing and moving costs. Fuse Corps pays for travel related to fellowship program responsibilities (e.g., travel to training institutes); travel required by the host organization to carry out job duties are paid for pursuant to their travel reimbursement policies.



Dates to keep in mind for 2014…


July: Applications accepted

August 1 – 15: First round interviews conducted – finalists selected

August 26 – 27: Finalists interviewed – Fellows selected

September 15 – 19: Leadership Institute

October: Fellowship begins




Spark A Movement

We are not currently accepting applications for Fuse Corps Executive Fellowships.

Please check back this Fall for information on our Spring 2015 Fellowship details.  Please contact Fuse Corps’s Program Manager, Nora Rosenthal if you have additional questions: