Eric Steiner

Eric Steiner has more than a decade of experience in community development and public service, including service in the Peace Corps in Ecuador where he worked with farmers to diversify their sources of income and launch small businesses. He has also served as a project associate for the United Nation’s Capital Development Fund, assisting local governments in Nicaragua with implementation of economic development projects. Domestically, Eric worked for New York City’s Office of Emergency Management, where he helped design and develop New York City’s Maritime Emergency Transportation plan. He also worked at New York City’s Housing Authority, where he helped increase access to resources and supportive services for the city’s public housing residents. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology from Miami University of Ohio and Masters of Urban Planning from New York University.


Immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners have the potential to create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. However, limited English language skills and educational experience, citizenship status and other obstacles can make navigating the process of opening or expanding a business especially challenging. The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs hired Eric to help ensure that immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to the tools they need to successfully integrate into the Los Angeles business community. This work will enable the immigrant entrepreneur community to become an important economic force for the region.