Patti Birbiglia

Patti Birbiglia is a marketing executive with over fifteen years of experience leading branding, marketing and strategy both inside Fortune 100 companies and as a consultant to CMOs and marketing teams. Her experience includes executive positions with Sapient, Frog Design, and Stone Yamashita Partners, as well as consulting engagements with IBM, Starbucks, Franklin Templeton Investments, Cisco, United Airlines and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. Patti holds a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and English from Colgate University and dual MBA degrees from UC Berkeley and Columbia University.


In response to national healthcare reform, the Department of Public Health has undertaken several initiatives, including building a world-class trauma center and developing a citywide health network. Having functioned historically as a safety net provider for vulnerable populations, the SF Health Network is now also working to become the region’s provider of choice. The Department hired Patti to help advance its mission to protect and promote the health of all San Franciscans by better connecting community members with the wide array of exceptional services available to them.