Yves Louis-Jacques

Yves Louis-Jacques is a management and technology consultant with a focus on financial investment, analysis and reporting. Most recently, he advised CrossBoundary, an investment advisory firm and an international donor organization on frontier market investment opportunities. Yves previously served as a financial analyst at the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi and was also a partner for FREE DMC, a marketing and content agency where he led brand strategy and partnerships. Yves’ career began at Accenture, where he spent nine years leading client engagements in the public service and media/entertainment groups. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Howard University and a dual Master of Public Policy degree from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University.


San Francisco’s 24-hour economy requires thousands of workers in the entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries to commute during late-night and early-morning hours. The overnight public transit system does not currently align with these needs, however, leaving many workers without access to safe, affordable and reliable transportation options. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development hired Yves to work with city departments, regional government partners and local industries to implement an overnight transportation plan that will better serve the needs of businesses, workers and visitors.