How are projects created?

We work closely with our government partners to co-create year-long fellowship projects based on their highest priority challenges. All projects are created with the following criteria:

  • Achieves positive impact in the community
  • Benefits from new approaches or process reform
  • Relates to an existing departmental goal or initiative
  • Has direct lines to senior department leadership
  • Establishes clear deliverables that are achievable within 12 months
  • Leverages the skills and experiences of an executive-level fellow
How do fellows and government partners work with each other?

Fellows spend one year working full-time in the government agency that’s hosting their project. They report to a project supervisor, a leader in the agency who directly supervises and supports the fellow with project goals.

Fellows also work with an executive sponsor, a senior-level leader in the agency who communicates the fellow’s strategic role and value to key stakeholders. Fellows will also work with other stakeholders whose responsibilities in the agency are directly related to the project.

How are projects funded?

The cost of fellowships are covered through our government partners or offset by philanthropic partners. Contact us to learn more about potential partnerships.

What are the fellowship timelines?

Our fall fellowship cohort begins and ends in September. Check back in March to see the list of fellowship projects that will this fall. Applicants can apply as soon as a specific project description is posted. 

Where are your projects located?

For the 2017-18 cohort, we’re in 12 locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Jose, Stockton, Fremont, and Long Beach. Check our website throughout the spring to see which cities will be hosting 2018-19 projects this year.