Amanda Wang Valentine

County of Los Angeles Child Support Services Department
Los Angeles County, CA

AMANDA WANG VALENTINE is an entrepreneur focused on startups and early-stage growth companies. She has worked in diverse sectors, including finance, media, and digital health. Most recently, she co-founded two applied-science companies, including, an engagement platform for patients with chronic diseases. Before transitioning to start-ups, she worked in venture capital, investment banking, and research analysis at Turnbull & Partners/Goldman Sachs Australia and ABN AMRO. She holds a BA from the University of Sydney.



To help families receive the child support payments they’re entitled to, L.A. County is working to use behavioral economics to communicate more efficiently with and ultimately influence parents to pay child support on time. FUSE executive fellow Amanda Wang Valentine will advance behavioral economics approaches to child services in the nation’s most populous and economically complex county. Read more