Debbie Allen

Department of Public Safety
St. Louis, MO

DEBBIE ALLEN has more than 25 years of experience in criminal and juvenile justice and crime victims services. Previously, she helped establish a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and an Information Sharing Ecosystem in the Denver metro area. She also worked for the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission and as staff development coordinator for the secretary of the North Carolina Department of Corrections. Her experience spans the key areas of the criminal justice system, from encounter to reentry. In her varied career, Debbie has served as a practitioner, administrator, researcher, and technologist. She is also the current president of the National Association for Justice Information Systems. Debbie has a graduate certification in applied statistics from Penn State University, an MSW from the University of Michigan, and a B.S. from Guilford College.



To help justice-involved people with behavioral health issues, the City and County of St. Louis are working to establish a council that can coordinate communication among agencies in order to share information and make informed decisions. FUSE executive fellow Debbie Allen will assess current operations and suggest improvements, help develop the council, and begin designing a means for better collaboration. Read more