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San Francisco, CA

Advancing Access and Equity for a World Class Airport

San Francisco International Airport is seeking to improve equity and disability access throughout its facilities beyond compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. A FUSE executive fellow will partner with the city to achieve its goal by overseeing the development of an overarching, airport-wide strategy for disability access and inclusion. Full Job Description

Fresno, CA

Launching an Opportunity Zone in Fresno

To address the longstanding economic inequality faced by its underserved populations, Fresno County is working to attract investment in its Opportunity Zones, designated disadvantaged communities that can potentially benefit from a federal tax incentive aimed at promoting economic development. The county will partner with a FUSE executive fellow to develop an Investment Prospectus that highlights its priorities and promotes sustainable, equitable, and inclusive investment. Full Job Description

Wichita, KS

Forging Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Community Economic Development

Wichita, Kansas, is working to spark and sustain economic development in the area between its downtown and Wichita State University. The Wichita City Manager’s Office and the Urban League will partner with a FUSE executive fellow to create a roadmap for multi-stakeholder economic development that can effectively drive change in these underserved neighborhoods. Additionally, the fellow will create a funding sustainability plan for the Urban League to ensure that collaborative economic development can continue into the future. Full Job Description

Oakland, CA

Building an Information System to Protect Renters from Displacement

Oakland is building a rental registry to give policymakers better data so they can address the city’s urgent housing crisis and protect renters from illegal rent increases and evictions. A FUSE executive fellow will lead planning and implementation of the new registry and develop strategies to ensure compliance by local property owners. Full Job Description

Los Angeles County

Developing a New Staffing Management Model to Improve Patient Care

The Los Angeles County Department of Health (DHS) is working to maximize its resources and improve patient care. To this end, A FUSE executive fellow will partner with DHS to assess its return-to-work processes for disabled employees. The fellow will then create and execute a new return-to-work staffing management model that provides greater efficiencies while ensuring employees’ rights are protected. Full Job Description

Inland Empire (Riverside-San Bernardino)

Launching an Opportunity Zone for the Inland Empire

To create better quality local jobs for residents, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California are working to promote their Opportunity Zones, economically distressed communities that can potentially benefit from federal tax incentives aimed at encouraging investment and economic development. The two counties will partner with a FUSE executive fellow who will oversee Opportunity Zone development, including the creation of Investment Prospectuses that outline a vision for sustainable, equitable, and inclusive investments. The fellow will also help promote and secure initial deals. Full Job Description

Los Angeles, CA

Attracting and Retaining Finance Talent to Improve City Operations

The Los Angeles Office of Finance is seeking new strategies for recruitment and retention, not only to bring in qualified employees, but also to build a pipeline within the department of leaders who feel a sense of stewardship over the city and its finances. Partnering with the city, A FUSE executive fellow will direct the development of an overarching recruitment and retention strategy for the department. Full Job Description

San Jose, CA

Implementing a Framework to Achieve Citywide Racial Equity

San Jose is working to identify and address structural racial inequities in government policies, programs, and practices. Its Office of the City Manager will partner with a FUSE executive fellow to support the development of a racial equity framework that will guide associated investments and support the normalizing of racial equity objectives across city operations. Full Job Description

Los Angeles County

Designing a Succession Planning Framework to Improve Health Care Hiring

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) is faced with an aging workforce, as increasing numbers of managers and supervisors in nursing and administration near retirement age. The County will partner with a FUSE executive fellow to analyze DHS hiring needs and practices, and develop a system-wide succession plan to ensure leadership continuity and quality of care across DHS’s 19 health centers and four hospitals. Full Job Description

Los Angeles County

Ensuring LA County Thrives by Supporting Its Immigrants

Los Angeles County is committed to supporting its vital immigrant communities by carrying out recommendations of its Immigration Protection and Advancement Strategic Report. The County's Department of Bureau and Consumer Affairs and Office of Immigration Affairs will partner with a FUSE executive fellow, who will help prioritize the report’s recommendations, create an implementation plan, and oversee its initial execution. By promoting the success of immigrant residents and their families, L.A. County recognizes that it is also advancing its own growth and well being. Full Job Description

Los Angeles County

Advancing Criminal Justice Reform by Transforming Probation Technology

The Los Angeles County Probation Department has made criminal justice reform a high priority, including reform at its Information Systems Bureau. LAC Probation and ISB will partner with a FUSE executive fellow who will help manage the transformation while building acceptance and support for the changes among staff. Full Job Description

Los Angeles County

Promoting Data Analytics to Improve Crucial Services

The Los Angeles County Chief Information Office (CIO) offers high-level data expertise and information- management services to 34 county agencies addressing such critical issues as homelessness, healthcare, and justice reform. But these agencies aren’t always aware of CIO’s services. To maximize its potential, CIO will partner with a FUSE executive fellow, who will help develop and launch a sustainable business model for CIO, along with creating and carrying out a brand and marketing campaign to increase awareness of its capabilities. Full Job Description

Los Angeles County

Establishing Countywide Outreach Strategies to Alleviate Poverty

In Los Angeles County, the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs is working to expand the reach of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, an effective yet often underutilized tool to reduce poverty. The County will partner with a FUSE executive fellow to optimize outreach about the EITC to eligible individuals and build awareness of the tax credit into the operations of government agencies, community groups, and nonprofits. The resulting model could potentially inform other large cities seeking to reduce poverty. Full Job Description

Oakland, CA

Strengthening Code Enforcement for Safer Housing

Oakland is working to improve the safety of its residents through more efficient building inspections and better enforcement of building codes. The city will partner with a FUSE executive fellow to understand how best to leverage software solutions to support code enforcement and make pertinent safety information available to the public. Full Job Description

FUSE Fellow General Application

The FUSE Fellowship is an opportunity to develop and implement unique solutions to a community’s most pressing challenges. For 12 months, FUSE Fellows work within local government to bring innovative approaches to a specific project. Each fellowship is designed to leverage private sector experience to deliver results that have lasting impact. Full Job Description