Fellowship Openings

Pittsburgh, PA

Transforming Public Housing to Provide Better Services for Residents

Home rental prices in Pittsburgh are rising quickly, and the city needs to address the decreasing number of affordable units. Help the city find creative ways to increase access to affordable housing, and more flexibility in financing affordable housing projects. … Full Job Description

San Jose, CA

Designing an Innovative Transportation System for Groundbreaking Projects

With its close proximity to highways, light rail commuter lines and major tech companies, San Jose wants to improve transportation. Help the city design a roadmap that leverages smart partnerships and innovative projects to that end. … Full Job Description

Long Beach, CA

Attracting and Retaining Talent to Drive Government Innovation

The City of Long Beach is the second largest in the city, with 3,900 regular employees, and wants to foster a more innovation-led result-oriented workforce. Help bring this culture change by redesigning the city’s hiring process into one that’s efficient and adaptive to the changing personnel needs of the city. … Full Job Description