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FUSE Corps is a national nonprofit that partners with local governments to help urban communities thrive. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, we work with cities and counties throughout the country on issues such as economic and workforce development, income inequality, housing, healthcare, justice reform, public safety, climate resilience, education, transportation, and infrastructure. Our approach is based on an executive fellowship program designed to provide local government with the additional leadership capacity to accelerate civic innovation and cross-sector collaboration. We closely collaborate with government partners to design yearlong projects that have clear and ambitious deliverables. We then conduct a national executive search for each unique position in order to recruit experienced professionals with the potential to achieve transformational impact in those roles. By helping to craft public policy, roll out new initiatives, and improve existing services, FUSE Executive Fellows help governments to better serve their community members.

Since the organization was founded eight years ago, it has placed more than 150 fellows in 20 cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, San José, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Denver, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. The average FUSE Executive Fellow has a graduate degree and more than 20 years of professional experience, often at the senior levels of Fortune 500 companies, and they are now dedicated to making a permanent shift toward an impact-oriented career. The FUSE program model prioritizes diversity and inclusion, with cohorts that average 60% professionals of color, 55% women, and 30% immigrants. After their fellowship year, more than 50% of alumni have continued to work in civic leadership, and 90% of our partner government agencies have returned each year with requests to host additional fellows.

During the past five years, FUSE has grown 10X in terms of fellowships placed annually, government partners, geographic distribution, alumni, staff, and operating budget. This growth has been fueled by a social enterprise business model that is based primarily on fee-for-service government contracts, with earned income currently covering 75% of our operating budget. Over the next several years, FUSE will continue this trajectory as we work to double the scale and impact of our work nationally. We are also working to expand FUSE’s publishing, storytelling, and knowledge sharing efforts in order to help inspire a much broader community of civic leaders. Ultimately, our efforts will enable communities to work more effectively, collaboratively, and resiliently in response to established and emerging challenges.

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At this exciting time in the organization’s continuing growth trajectory, FUSE seeks an experienced leader to serve as its first Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Development. Reporting directly to the CEO, the Vice President will lead the development and contracting of new fellowship projects with our current and prospective government partners, while also building a new fundraising team that will help support the organization’s financial self-sufficiency over time. The Vice President will build on the tremendous momentum that FUSE has generated over the past several years and play a central role in taking this work to the next level in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, diversity, scale, impact, and sustainability.

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FUSE Corps has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this search. Please compose a compelling cover letter addressed to James Weinberg, CEO, and submit along with a detailed resume to Erin Reedy of Koya Leadership Partners by clicking here.

FUSE Corps is an equal opportunity employer with a core value of incorporating diverse perspectives into our work at every level. We strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for this key leadership position.