Where We Work

Current Partner Cities

Cleveland, OH

East Palo Alto, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Statehouse

Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles, CA

"Los Angeles is synonymous with innovation, and our spirit of ingenuity and drive is key to meeting challenges like homelessness and the need to create more affordable housing. Our partnership with FUSE is the largest of its kind in America, and it's helping us bring extraordinary talent to a city where we're always focused on envisioning tomorrow — and building it today." Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles County

Minneapolis, MN

Oakland, CA

Philadelphia, PA

"We are thrilled to have established this partnership with FUSE. As a city, we continuously look for ways to evolve and enhance how we serve our residents. These three talented FUSE fellows are proven leaders and executives from diverse sectors who are ready to craft new policy, roll out new systems, and improve existing programs to ensure quality, responsiveness and ultimately citywide community trust in our public services." Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

San Francisco, CA

"Our fellows have brought innovative thinking and executive-level experience to help us find strategic solutions to some of our City's pressing challenges. We are excited to continue our partnership with FUSE Corps because of the incredible return on investment." Former San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee

San Jose, CA

St. Louis, MO

St. Paul, MN

Washington D.C.

"We need to create a system where people with mental health needs who come in contact with police get treatment, rather than end up in jail. Our partnership with FUSE will help us take a serious look at how we can create a more equitable criminal justice system." St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson