Advancing a Holistic System of Care for the Homeless

San Francisco participates in California’s Whole Person Care program, which aims to help Medicaid beneficiaries improve their physical and behavioral health by providing access to social services. To advance the vision of this program, San Francisco is working to identify ways of improving delivery of its services within a complex healthcare system.

FUSE executive fellow Erica Medina Stanulis will help identify ways the city can achieve this goal by mapping its Whole Person Care operations, which includes documenting and evaluating the effectiveness of various patient interactions. She will identify ways to streamline and improve the patient experience with smarter technology use and better access to services. Additionally, she will help improve methods for communicating and working within and across agencies. By developing a more human-centric system of care, San Francisco hopes this vulnerable population will receive the services they need with an ultimate goal of helping them get back on their feet.