Building Inclusive Economic Development

In Oakland, the persistent income gap has made it difficult for many working-class neighborhoods to afford skyrocketing property costs. In response, the city devised a three-year economic development strategy, with a primary focus on reducing racial disparities and promoting economic security and opportunity for all communities. Part of this plan calls for reviving its seven-mile International Boulevard Corridor, which crosses through the city’s lowest income neighborhoods. To avoid displacing community-owned businesses and lower-income residents, the city is working to coordinate revitalization efforts along the International Boulevard Corridor and guide development that will benefit existing residents and business owners.

FUSE executive fellow Marsha Murrington will help unite revitalization efforts by designing and launching an economic development plan that considers business, private, and community interests, and benefits low-income residents and community-owned businesses. She will help create an implementation strategy based on analysis and best practices, and identify potential funds for community-driven projects. By coordinating its development efforts, the city hopes to create economic growth and prosperity for all residents.