Creating an Integrated Approach to Supporting Re-entry Populations

In Los Angeles County, more than 500,000 people will be looking to re-enter the workforce thanks to a recent law that reduced certain drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. County officials realize the importance of providing assistance to those affected to ensure their transition into our communities is complete and to reduce likelihood of recidivism. Many of these ex-offenders lack the skills necessary to be hired and are in need of workforce development services to be able to identify sustainable career pathways, prepare them for these careers and connect with employers willing to hire them.

FUSE Fellow Casswell Goodman will develop a coordinated strategy and process for delivery of services specifically to the re-entry population to include additional crucial support services for employment, training, mental health, health care, housing and substance abuse. Part of that solution is the launch of the LA:RISE model; an innovative, collaborative partnership that aligns city departments with social enterprises and employers in order to help the re-entry population.

With an eye towards the long-term sustainability of the program, Casswell will evaluate the success of the implementation of the LA:RISE model for the re-entry population and will provide recommendations for the long term sustainability of the program across the country.