Creating a New Asset Management Model to Support Affordable Housing

A recent reorganization of the City of Los Angeles’s community development and housing agencies vastly expanded the $2 billion loan portfolio and 40,000- plus affordable housing units managed by the Housing and Community Investment Department of the City of Los Angeles. The agency, which develops and preserves affordable housing, neighborhood investment, and social services for low- and moderate income families, enlisted FUSE executive fellow Sean Doss to help its newly created asset management division use data to better analyze and manage this extensive portfolio of housing resources and supportive services, and direct its attention to addressing properties at risk of losing affordable housing status.

Sean oversaw the implementation of a proprietary project management software at a highly competitive cost to the city. He assessed the agency’s needs, as well as the legal and reputational ramifications associated with the new system. He created an implementation team to ensure protocols were followed, and facilitated building the new software on the agency’s secured servers. Sean’s stewardship has given the agency deeper insight into its housing portfolio and created new opportunities for technological and organizational innovation efforts to spur affordable housing development for the residents of Los Angeles.