Designing a Framework for Equity In City Services

Like many cities in the U.S., San Francisco is confronting a challenge with delivering city services more equitably to its residents. Despite the city’s booming economy, data clearly show that factors such as race, gender identity, ethnicity, immigration status, and other socio-economic indicators currently predict whether people will suffer poor health outcomes, unemployment, and economic insecurity. As a city that stands for tolerance and inclusion, San Francisco is tackling this challenge head-on through a new program – Engineering for Equity. By developing a systematic approach to addressing inequity and structural and institutional bias in the delivery of city and county services to residents, city leaders aim to truly meet the needs of all residents and help ensure that everyone can thrive and prosper.

FUSE Fellow Sami Iwata will design the framework of an innovative program called Engineering for Equity to help create a more equitable city. As part of rolling out this new program, Sami will bring together city and community stakeholders to forge a shared vision for an equitable San Francisco. She will also develop a strategic road map and implementation guide to support city department efforts to deploy higher impact strategies for making San Francisco a more equitable city.