Designing an Innovative Transportation System for Groundbreaking Projects

The City of San Jose has set forth an ambitious plan to become the “most innovative city in America by 2020” and in 2016 the mayor laid out his Smart City Vision. This vision includes a comprehensive plan to explore and adopt game-changing technologies and data-driven decision making that will improve how the city serves its community. Improving an aging transportation system is a major part of this vision as the city seeks to create a modern, innovative, reliable, safe and affordable transit system.

FUSE fellow Keshav Gupta will take a leadership role in evaluating the city’s current transportation systems and identify opportunities for further innovation. He will lead the execution efforts of the citywide Internet of Things (IoT) strategy that will ultimately deliver innovative IoT capabilities to agencies within San Jose, including the Department of Transportation, Public Works, Emergency Services and various law enforcement agencies.

Keshav’s work should drastically help the city prepare for a 50 percent growth in population expected by 2040 and vastly reduce the number of current residents who commute to work alone in cars, currently measured at 80 percent.