Designing Innovative Education Programs for the Community

Home to manufacturing companies in industries such as clean tech and life sciences, Fremont wants to build a long-term workforce pipeline through initiatives in public education. Parker Thomas worked with the Fremont Unified School District to create a maker education curriculum for middle schools that focuses on learning through hands-on, self-directed projects.

As a FUSE executive advisor, Parker will continue to help Fremont reach its education goals. He’ll help establish the Fremont Learning Network, an organization focused on developing relevant, engaging, and equitable learning practices for the entire community. Additionally, he’ll create the facility and programming for a maker and innovation space to be located in the Fremont Main Library. This space will support out-of-school learning for students, professional development for teachers, and connections between businesses and the community. These efforts will help Fremont reach its goals of becoming a national leader in maker education and providing critical learning experiences for its community.