Developing a Roadmap of Programs to Expand Affordable Housing

Long Beach has experienced an economic boom, but not all communities have reaped its benefits. As a result, rising rents and limited alternatives to housing are pricing many residents out of the market. To address deficiencies in low- and moderate-income housing, Long Beach adopted a wide-ranging plan and is initially focusing on recommendations with the broadest potential impact. The city’s goal is to provide enough housing to support a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.

FUSE executive fellow Rick Ryba will support the city’s endeavors, reviewing the affordable housing plan, conducting additional research, and collaborating with community stakeholders to develop a roadmap for implementing targeted projects. He will help determine program priorities based on a cost-benefit analysis and feedback from affordable-housing advocates and property developers, and he will investigate prospective funding sources. Finally, he will help oversee the implementation of these initial projects.