Developing Innovative Approaches to Clean Streets and Livability

The City of Los Angeles is working to offer supportive services to people experiencing homelessness, and to protect the quality of life and public health by keeping public spaces clean. FUSE executive fellow Ann Zald worked with the city’s Bureau of Sanitation and Environment to address the challenges inherent in supplying clean-up services, while protecting the personal property of homeless individuals, and ensuring the safety and accessibility of city streets for all residents.

Ann evaluated key performance indicators and investigated best practices to improve the process of homeless encampment cleanup and waste collection, part of a broader effort to improve livability in Los Angeles. She made recommendations to improve turnaround time for authorizing cleanups, address staffing bottlenecks, and increase collection frequency in chronically impacted neighborhoods. Additionally, she continues to develop the bureau’s first-ever Food Rescue Plan to divert surplus food from restaurants to those who lack food across the city, in an effort to prevent waste. Ann formed multi-stakeholder task forces to address challenges and generate support for critical initiatives. Through these integrated and innovative approaches, Los Angeles is making important strides toward greater sustainability and livability.