Developing Leaders to Drive Transportation Safety

There are more than 200 traffic-related fatalities each year in Los Angeles. Through a program called Vision Zero, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti aims to eliminate all traffic-related deaths within the next decade by exploring new transportation technologies and options such as bike-sharing and electric vehicle-sharing programs.

As an organization that, by charter, primarily promotes from within, it will be LADOT’s employees themselves who will make or break this ambitious shift in strategy. Hiring, training, and promoting the right people with the right leadership abilities will be core to establishing an internal culture change that is real, measurable, and sustainable.

FUSE Fellow Andrea Lipton will create a robust leadership academy that will prepare the department’s 300 managers to embrace new evolutions in transportation technologies. Her work will produce a comprehensive training plan based on ADOT's goals and identify or design the first iteration of the training curriculum. She will also help the department identify and recruit the first class of trainees for the academy and support leadership and staff in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the academy.