Developing a Training and Recruiting Plan to Help the Homeless

Homelessness is surging across Los Angeles County, up 23 percent since 2016. Two key resources are needed to address the issue: funding sources and well-trained staff.

Los Angeles County will have access to hundreds of millions of dollars through a recent ballot measure to help the 45,000 people in the region who are struggling with homelessness. What the county needs now is a dedicated workforce to help fill required jobs like community health workers, case managers, social workers, housing locators, clinicians and nurse practitioners. But these jobs require unique training and skill sets, and finding qualified candidates has been a challenge for both the county and service delivery providers.

FUSE Fellow Thelá R. Thatch will help the county develop a plan to recruit and train hundreds of staff workers who will provide critical services for the homeless. Thelá will build relationships with workforce development, education and philanthropic organizations to ensure alignment around strategy between the county and outside organizations.