Easing Traffic Conditions for Improved Mobility and Health

In East Palo Alto, local streets are being used as shortcuts by commuters, resulting in untenable traffic conditions. In some neighborhoods, residents have trouble exiting their driveways, not to mention gaining access to local businesses and institutions. Compounding the problem, increased traffic negatively impacts health, including aggravating asthma. To devise solutions to the issue, East Palo Alto has hired consultants to do a mobility study of traffic and parking in the city.

FUSE executive fellow Susan Barnes will oversee the mobility study, ensuring that local government and community stakeholders are engaged. She will work with the consultants and city officials to analyze data and identify potential solutions, and will develop cost-effective recommendations for implementation. Ultimately, the goal of the plan is to relieve congestion and overcrowded parking, improve access to roadways for residents, and improve their quality of life.