Enhancing the Child Support System

More than 250,000 child support cases are handled by the County of Los Angeles Child Support Services Department every year, with caseworkers handling on average  600 cases at a time. Between 2014 and 2015, the agency collected nearly $1 billion for families. Predictive analytics, which allows agency staff to understand trends and patterns in payment behavior, is an important component of ensuring children and families receive child support. With more data and new tools at its disposal, the agency has the potential to significantly augment its data capabilities.

Carlos Thomas will help update the department’s predictive analytics model for child support compliance, with a focus on strengthening how the model can better inform the best uses of different services or enforcement interventions. Carlos will assess existing software, evaluate data sets that should be incorporated into the new model, and develop a process to train staff on its use. The aim is to create an improved model that will increase the agency’s effectiveness and strengthen its ability to support children and families.