Expanding Workforce Opportunities in the New Economy

Over the past 30 years, the City of Pittsburgh has been successful in creating a growing, vibrant economy and becoming known as a hub for innovation. With this new economic growth, Pittsburgh faces a different challenge: In the next 10 years, 250,000 people will retire and there are simply not enough younger skilled workers to take their place. Additionally, there are thousands of unemployed and underemployed workers whose skills do not align with the high-wage, high-skilled jobs that are available in the technology, engineering and healthcare sectors that are most prevalent in the area.

Recognizing the need to expand workforce opportunities, the city is working to bring together local government, business leaders and the education community to find ways to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers. FUSE Fellow Cynthia Shields will align a variety of existing strategies and programs that will enable the workforce to adapt in a changing economy. Her work will help identify and engage new businesses in the region to discuss local workforce opportunities and resident needs. She will also connect business leaders with local training providers, with a particular focus on technology jobs.