Investing in Economic Inclusion to Unlock Broad-Based Growth

Though Long Beach has benefited from a recent economic boom, the median household income still lags significantly in a city where nearly 70 percent of residents are African American, Asian, and Latino. To close the income gap and boost its low-income communities, Long Beach devised a 10-year strategic plan that focuses on economic inclusion.

Armed with research and analysis of best practices, the city already has begun tackling the challenge. FUSE executive fellow Daniel Han will build on this work, helping Long Beach develop a strategic action plan by prioritizing projects based on feedback from community stakeholders, reviewing existing reports and data, assessing the efficacy and impact of the city’s current strategies, and identifying gaps and new opportunities. After laying this groundwork, Daniel will help determine the most feasible projects, identify potential funding for them, supervise their implementation, and provide a plan for their future viability.