Modernizing Customer Service Systems in our Nation’s Capital

Washington D.C. is currently experiencing the largest construction expansion since the early 1990s, driven by a growing population, an expanding workforce, and an increasing demand for urban living. In D.C., all real estate development and new business growth require interaction with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), which operates a consolidated permit intake center and conducts building inspections. Mayor Muriel Bowser wants to make the city work better for all residents and businesses and has tasked DCRA with reforming its processes to ensure more predictability and shorter wait times.

FUSE Fellow Jon Quimby will help the department improve the customer experience of the housing permitting process through deployment of pilot programs that utilize new processes and tools. His work will help identify and implement priority action items that can be accomplished within the year to improve operations and set a path toward sustained improvement. He will also work to support the development and institutionalization of structures that reinforce collaboration between agencies and adoption of department-wide approaches to customer service.