Modernizing and Streamlining Police Department Processes

After executing the most expansive Federal Consent Decree handed down by the Department of Justice, the New Orleans Police Department has become a recognized leader in police reform. The department brought on FUSE executive fellow E. Aminata Brown to further support reform efforts by streamlining and digitizing processes that empower police officers to better serve the New Orleans community.

Aminata conducted an extensive gap analysis to determine the department’s major pain points and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. The findings resulted in the launch of the Superintendent’s Technology Improvement Program, with several tracks designed to advance the overall quality, accountability, and sustainability of the department’s services. Aminata created key stakeholder teams, such as the Police Systems Strategy Team to provide first-line input on initiatives and Team OneFirst to develop a citywide strategy for best-in-class first-response services. Aminata established a new NOPD change management team to build the department’s ongoing internal capacity to execute effective change programs. Aminata’s work has helped the department extend its constitutional reform efforts to ensure that all resources are directly tuned to supporting the highest quality in police service.