Promoting Job Creation to Achieve Growth with Equity

Philadelphia is a thriving city with a growing economy, but like many American cities, it faces high poverty and persistent unemployment. Since taking office last year, Mayor Jim Kenney has focused on creating economic growth with an emphasis on low-income, minority and immigrant populations to ensure everyone is able to share in the city’s successes. He has prioritized the formulation of a workforce development agenda that is more inclusive and attentive to the needs of low-skilled workers. To that end, Mayor Kenney established a city-wide Workforce Development Steering Committee that is working to develop a new vision and strategic plan with a focus on improving access to employment and career pathways for underserved populations that align with the growth sectors in the economy.

FUSE Fellow Barry Wilkins will help the city make progress toward meeting its established workforce development goals by deepening partnerships with local businesses, industry organizations, educational institutions and city agencies to accelerate job creation and help residents gain the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Success will mean more job opportunities for residents, more skilled employees for businesses and ultimately a more just and equitable city.