Realigning the Pretrial Services Program in Support of Bail Reform in Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles County, when individuals are arrested, they are often required to post bail before being released to await trial. Those who can’t afford to pay remain incarcerated. In addition to generating high costs for the county, extended incarceration while awaiting trial can create serious challenges for those incarcerated, including the potential of losing their jobs, homes, and community support networks. To address this challenge, the Los Angeles County Probation Department is exploring bail reform initiatives in L.A. County, which has been chosen to receive funds for a pilot program. To support the pilot, LAC Probation is working to revamp its operations and provide varying levels of pretrial assessments and post-release services.

LAC Probation is partnering with FUSE executive fellow Meha Bola to guide the creation and implementation of an action plan for the pilot. Meha is also developing tools to track the pilot, analyze data, document results, and communicate findings. Through these efforts, L.A. County seeks to keep more justice-involved residents who are awaiting trial out of jail and connected to their communities.