Strengthening Emergency Services

San Francisco’s rapidly growing population, combined with increasing needs from homeless and vulnerable residents, is straining the capacity of the city’s first responders to meet residents’ emergency needs.The Department of Emergency Management (DEM) wants to find more efficient ways of operating to better serve the city when residents need it the most.

FUSE Fellow Marilyn Varnado will create a strategic plan to improve the department’s 911 emergency response performance. In order to improve its system, Marilyn will review its current capabilities to achieve a clear picture of its performance levels. This review will require better aggregation and analysis of response time data to identify means of achieving the national standard of answering 90 percent of emergency calls within 10 seconds. Marilyn is also working to identify gaps and challenges facing the department and present proposals for addressing them. She will also set up a collaborative system among departments to encourage a single method of compiling and analyzing data and ensure a unified vision moving forward.