How to Design a Human-Centered Government Website

Best practices for building websites that serve local communities. Continued

In Their Search for New Approaches to Affordable Housing, Innovative Civic Leaders Are Thinking Small

The potential of micro-housing to help with the affordable housing crisis. Continued

Fewer Emissions, Cheaper Energy: San Jose Forges Ahead Toward a Sustainable Future

San Jose strives to improve the health and lives of its community. Continued

St. Louis Tackles Pretrial Reform

Rethinking a system to improve equity and decrease the jail population. Continued

Accelerator Funds for Affordable Housing? San Francisco’s Creative Approach

Preserving and expanding the city's supply of affordable housing. Continued

Beyond Shelter: San Francisco’s Holistic Approach to Caring for the Homeless

Improving health outcomes by considering all the needs of a patient. Continued

As Construction Industry Booms, Pittsburgh Moves to Avoid Labor Shortfall

Bringing local and diverse talent into the skilled trades. Continued

For Those Experiencing Homelessness, ‘The Bin’ Honors Their Belongings

Los Angeles provides free storage to anyone who needs the service. Continued

San Francisco Humanizes the Healthcare Experience

Taking a patient-centered approach to care. Continued

Los Angeles Libraries Help Immigrants with Vital Services

Classes and support help immigrants thrive as residents. Continued

Building a Workforce to Help the Homeless in Los Angeles

Recruiting a diverse workforce to provide services for those experiencing homelessness. Continued

How City Leaders Are Taking on Their Most Difficult Challenges

Insights on revitalizing and rebuilding urban communities. Continued

Amidst a Rising Sea-Level Crisis, Staying Resilient in New Orleans

Lessons learned on staying resilient with limited resources. Continued

Connecting Vulnerable Seniors to Services They Need In Long Beach

Improving accessibility and mobility, and intergenerational equity. Continued

How Philadelphia is Battling Poverty by Building a Robust Workforce

Government, community, and business leaders collaborate to build an innovative workforce development system. Continued

Designing A Patient-Centered Approach In the L.A. County Jail System

Creating a more streamlined process that improves the quality and efficiency of medical care of those who go through the L.A. County criminal justice system. Continued

How New Orleans is Building an Open, Transparent Police Department

Responding to an expansive consent decree, the New Orleans Police Department is opening up its data, and building trust with the community along the way. Continued

Life After Jail: In L.A. County, A Systems-Wide Approach to Reduce Recidivism

Helping justice-involved individuals access the wraparound services they need most. Continued

In San Francisco, Video Series Raises Awareness About Affordable Housing

Highlighting the city's efforts to provide affordable housing resources for residents. Continued

In San Jose, Making the City a Classroom

The San Jose Public Library is rethinking how to integrate city facilities and services as learning opportunities. Continued

Four Ways to Build Strong Communities

Insights to build inclusive, forward-thinking communities that respond to residents’ needs. Continued

Collaboration in Action: Here’s What it Takes

True collaboration is not just sitting in the same meeting together. Continued

Mayors Unite to Take On Cities’ Challenges

Mayors take a stand on immigration, broadband access, community policing, the 2020 Census, and more. Continued

How to Get Kids to See Their Own Potential

Integrate their vision for themselves into your advice. Continued

Mixing It Up: Business-World Tactics In Government

Tactics like whiteboarding ideas to get creative ideas flowing. Continued

Addressing Digital Inequality in San Jose

The key driver that influences the digital divide is affordability. Continued

Photo: Mike Wilson

Advancing Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Bay Area

Tackling affordable childcare, parental leave, and explicit bias training for all city staff. Continued

Cleaning Up the Streets of Los Angeles

How L.A. Is using data, tech, and smart strategies, block by block. Continued

Connecting Students to STEM Careers

Establishing a school-to-workforce STEM pipeline through public-private partnerships. Continued

Creating a Blueprint for More Equitable Growth

Helping the city's most vulnerable residents find jobs. Continued

Fueling a Startup Movement in the Breadbasket of the World

Ag tech, clean tech, and food tech can flourish in Fresno. Continued

Instilling a Culture of Innovation in Government

Designing an Office of Innovation to improve customer-centered services. Continued

Reimagining How to Fund Critical Infrastructure Projects

Creative ways to engage private-sector partners. Continued

The Road to a Winning Olympic City Bid

What it took to get L.A. the 2024 Games. Continued

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