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Insights about leadership and change management to reinvent government.

Fewer Emissions, Cheaper Energy: San Jose Forges Ahead Toward a Sustainable Future

San Jose strives to improve the health and lives of its community. … Continued

St. Louis Tackles Pretrial Reform

Rethinking a system to improve equity and decrease the jail population.… Continued

Accelerator Funds for Affordable Housing? San Francisco’s Creative Approach

Preserving and expanding the city's supply of affordable housing.… Continued

Beyond Shelter: San Francisco’s Holistic Approach to Caring for the Homeless

Improving health outcomes by considering all the needs of a patient.… Continued

Avoiding Gentrification, How to Use Opportunity Zones to Benefit Communities

Local governments prepare for potential investments.… Continued

For Those Experiencing Homelessness, ‘The Bin’ Honors Their Belongings

Los Angeles provides free storage to anyone who needs the service.… Continued

How City Leaders Are Taking on Their Most Difficult Challenges

Insights on revitalizing and rebuilding urban communities.… Continued

Building a Workforce to Help the Homeless in Los Angeles

Recruiting a diverse workforce to provide services for those experiencing homelessness.… Continued

Amidst a Rising Sea-Level Crisis, Staying Resilient in New Orleans

Lessons learned on staying resilient with limited resources.… Continued

Connecting Vulnerable Seniors to Services They Need In Long Beach

Improving accessibility and mobility, and intergenerational equity. … Continued

How Philadelphia is Battling Poverty by Building a Robust Workforce

Government, community, and business leaders collaborate to build an innovative workforce development system. … Continued

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