Thought Leadership

Insights about leadership and change management to reinvent government.

San Francisco Humanizes the Healthcare Experience

Taking a human-centered approach to healthcare must include an understanding of a patient's health issues, cultural beliefs, and socio-economic factors. … Continued

How City Leaders Are Taking On Their Most Difficult Challenges

Mayors and civic leaders share insights on lessons learned in staying resilient, economic development, the future of policing, and poverty alleviation.… Continued

How to Design for Catalytic Change in Government

What it takes to create a high-impact project that will drive change.… Continued

Los Angeles Libraries Help Immigrants with Vital Services

Helping immigrants thrive as residents in Los Angeles. … Continued

The Lasting Impact of a FUSE Project

Culture change, collective learning, and catalyzing new ways of thinking are a few of the intangible yet valuable outcomes of our fellowship program. … Continued

Why I Chose a Year of Public Service

"I could not pass up the opportunity to play a critical role in facilitating change that is so important." … Continued

Building a Workforce to Help the Homeless in Los Angeles

Recruiting a diverse workforce to provide services for those experiencing homelessness.… Continued

Amidst a Rising Sea-Level Crisis, Staying Resilient in New Orleans

Lessons learned on staying resilient with limited resources.… Continued

Increasing Financial Aid Access to Make College More Affordable

A bad "customer experience" should not be a barrier to getting a college degree.… Continued

A Tale of Two Maker Cities: What One Silicon Valley City Learned from a Trip to Pittsburgh

FUSE fellow Parker Thomas is bringing the maker education lessons he learned while visiting schools and libraries in Pittsburgh to Fremont.… Continued

Connecting Vulnerable Seniors to Services They Need In Long Beach

Improving accessibility and mobility, and intergenerational equity. … Continued

How Philadelphia is Battling Poverty by Building a Robust Workforce

Government, community, and business leaders collaborate to build an innovative workforce development system. … Continued

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