Thought Leadership

Insights about leadership and change management to reinvent government.

Mayors Unite to Take On Cities’ Challenges

Mayors take a stand on immigration, broadband access, community policing, the 2020 Census, and more.… Continued

The Promise of Higher Education for Stockton Youth

A $20 million grant is the first step to help get Stockton youth to college.… Continued

Collaboration in Action: Here’s What it Takes

True collaboration is not just sitting in the same meeting together.… Continued

Four Ways to Build Strong Communities

Insights to build inclusive, forward-thinking communities that respond to residents’ needs.… Continued

Transparency: That’s the Key to Equitable Government

The San Francisco Ethics Commission was established to … Continued

Why I Became a FUSE Fellow

To make a difference in the lives of others.… Continued

How to Get Kids to See Their Own Potential

Integrate their vision for themselves into your advice.… Continued

How to Add Value to Your Team

Getting buy-in when you're new to a team.… Continued

Why One Year Is Enough

Meaningful improvements can happen in just one year.… Continued

Meeting of the Minds: What They Learned

Five strategic ways to tackle the most complex challenges.… Continued

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